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He began studying Classic Pianoforte in 1993. After private practices and the achievement of the Diploma of Theory and Solfeggio at the Conservatory of La Spezia, he began to widen his horizon towards the world of jazz, rock and contemporary music, privately and in different projects and ensemble. In 1998 he began a full musical activity with Teatro Verdi of Pisa like pianist and orchestra. Moreover, he played as live band keyboardist in the preparation of musicals an operas and in the reinterpretation of famous theatre performances, until 2009.
The degree course in “Film Studies, Music and Theatrical Performance – Music” at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of Pisa and the study of Sing and Human Voice formed and grew up Sandro deeply as pianist and singer on the Orchestra experience, on the music for theatre and musicals and on the singers soloist and choral accompaniment.


A few months after, he graduated at the University of Pisa, on 2007 he passed the audition at CPM of Milan. In 2008 he entered the final year of the course of study in Jazz Piano, where the following year he graduated with Maestro Massimo Colombo.

He began the profession of teacher at the “Accademia di Musica Moderna di Pisa” in Piano and Keyboards, Sound Synthesis and Synthesizer, Harmony and Arrangement. The following year covers the same role at the “Live MA of Sarsana” (until 2019). However, his passion did not stop for the study of singing and in June 2018 he achieved the Bachelor of Art in pop Vocal Performance (Modern Sing) at London College of Music.
He studied singing with M° Maria Billeri, Giovanna Iannotti, Adriana Crispo, Niki Mazziotta, and M° Tiziano Sbaragli. In 2019 Sandro began the collaboration with Elfland Studio by participating at an important event with his project “Voice of Heaven Choir”.

In 2020 he signed for Beng! Dischi, with which composed the orchestration for several records of the AB29 and began the composition of orchestral music for soundtracks and arrangements.


Ad oggi, insegna Pianoforte, Tastiere/Sintesi Sonora e Canto Moderno presso l’Accademia di Musica Moderna di Pisa (Music Academy Pisa). E’ Direttore Artistico del coro gospel Voices Of Heaven e Direttore Artistico e cantante del cartoon vocal ensemble ANIMEniacs Corp, con il quale ha realizzato, nel 2020, “A spasso con Walt”, album di cover originali di film Disney, che lo vede come arrangiatore di tutte le voci e virtual orchestra, pianista e cantante.

E’ cantante e tastierista della band MindAhead, per la quale ha prodotto e registrato le tastiere nell’album “Reflections” (in uscita l’anno prossimo, il doppio cd “Reflections II”). Lavora come arrangiatore, compositore, pianista e cantante per progetti e artisti italiani ed internazionali. Tra le collaborazioni: Lynn Mackie, Dr. Wayne Barr, Dr. Eric B. Turner, Sheol Dilu Miller, Rev. Dayana Adu Biney, Daniel Ran, Cristina D’Avena, Andrea Agresti, Stefano Bersola, Pietro Ubaldi, Fabrizio Mazzotta, Guiomar Serina, Clara Serina, Luigi Lopez.


Sito web – voicesofheaven.it

Facebook – http://bit.ly/3atZm8i
Sito web – animeniacscorp.com