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Alan Spicy are a band from Poggio Bustone (RI), Lucio Battisti’s hometown, born in 2017 and after only one year they released their first EP Frammenti, which shows their direct and instinctive way that distinguishes them even in live performances. From that moment they begin to be known and loved by the public that follows them during the transfers of their “Tuttutour” receiving many reviews and interviews on radio/tv as well as previews, exclusives and reviews on 100Decibel, MEI, Distopic, RietiLife.it, IlMessaggero, and playing in numerous music festivals, not least the Caliel Next Generation, held in the context of Sanremo right during the Italian Song Festival.

Since 2019, Alan Spicy have been part of the MEI national singers’ team, while in 2020 they have signed with Beng! Dischi, which makes the video clip in collaboration with Cineseries Srl and takes care of the promotion of the single Arcobaleno Nero.


Thanks to the Arcobaleno Nero single, the band starts again with a new look and a new skin thanks also to the support of a friend: Marco Rissa (Thegiornalisti‘s guitar player). Marco Rissa’s experience contributed to the production of the single which has been produced by Nicola d’Amati (Joe Victor, Scarda).

The single was recorded before the lockdown and tells the story of a love story that has been let go, a neglected love that is now at an end.

The videoclip, released as an exclusive preview on Allmusicitalia.it, tells the controversial story of two girls, Marta and Alice. A bittersweet story lived through the unaware eyes of their dog, Axel.

“One evening – in our rehearsal room – I presented this song to the rest of the band and they loved it immediately. After a while we decided to enter in the recording studio with Nicola D’Amati. He invited Marco Rissa to collaborate to the song who made all of us daydreaming.

We worked together, always having fun. Then came the real contract with Beng! Dischi and the production of the videoclip with Cineseries. The song is great, yes, I know that I’m biased, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I know, I’m a dreamer, but I don’t give a damn. (Interview – AllMusicaItalia.it)


Alan Spicy are:

Rocco Moscatiello – Voice, drums
Michele Santori – Guitar, backing vocals
Daniele Stazi – Bass

Also playing:
Marco Rissa – Guitar and Bass
Nicola D’Amati – Keyboards

Recorded, produced and mixed by Nicola d’Amati at
Il Merlo Studio (Rome).
Master by Eugenio Vatta.

Label: Beng! Dischi

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